Powermoves Step Aerobics

Powermoves Step Aerobics

Powermoves is a cardio workout which focuses the above mentioned in camaraderie with its special music and power. It was conceived out of the wish to empower trainers for mastering their moves. A well designed high intense class of Powermoves helps its attendees to burn at least 500 – 700 calories in an hour. The combination taught are phrase or block dependent which are played well in symphony with its special music.

This workout is performed using a platform. Keeping the height in mind, this is high intensity workout which helps in burning calories. Music does play an important role in this, and is defined at a certain BPM so that the participants avoids any injury.

Step aerobics is performed on a platform which has a certain height which helps in high intensity of workout.

Core moves as the name suggest are the basic movements which help and guide to make combinations from

Music is the main element of Powermoves Step Aerobics. Music plays a very important key aspect as it motivates the participant to perform an effective cardio workout.

As well trained instructor makes sure that his participants don’t get injured while performing any workout.

Why Powermoves Step Aerobics?

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My name is Pallavi and I am lucky to be part of this Powermoves family. Thank You Payal.
Pallavi Singh
My name is Ruhi and I am lucky to be part of this Powermoves family. Thank You Payal, the music matinee launch event was simply a breath taking affier.
My name is Shikha and I am lucky to be part of this Powermoves family. Thank You Payal, the step workout is awesome.

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